Existing Domestic Security Systems Takeover

Existing Intruder Alarm Takeover – are you a new tenant, just moved into a new building? Need to reinstate an existing alarm?

It makes no difference if your intruder alarm was installed by another company, has developed a fault or is an older alarm system, we can help,

Customers come to us when:

  • They have moved into new premises with an alarm system already in place.
  • The existing contract is no longer value for money.
  • The needs of the client can no longer be met by the existing security company.
  • The existing security system company has gone out of business.
  • The quality of service, care and attention are not provided from their existing intruder alarm security system company.
  • Their existing company or installer is impossible to get hold of when needed.
  • The current installer or company cannot repair a fault or solve a problem correctly.

How Do You Start The Takeover Process?

Simply give us a call or contact us to enquire about taking over your existing security system.We will provide a no obligation quotation to fix any issues and take over the service and maintenance. Should you require new equipment we are here to advise on the best solution for you.

Our engineers are qualified and experienced having a vast array of knowledge on many alarms systems.You can rest assured that by moving your intruder alarm maintenance to us you are in safe hands.

What will we do during the visit?

When working on another installer’s system to ensure compliance and optimal performance, a takeover visit would include the following steps:

      1. Replace the existing control panel battery: Since we cannot determine the condition of the current battery, replacing it helps ensure that the system is in the best possible state.
      2. Remove the existing engineering code and input our own: This enables us to access the advanced programming menu.
      3. Implement any necessary programming adjustments requested by the client once engineering access is granted.
      4. Thoroughly service the system and provide a comprehensive maintenance report.
      5. Swap out the external alarm box with a new, compliant one featuring a 20-minute cut-off bell box.







Our engineer will visit your home and provide a free quote.

What will we do during the visit?

Why is a takeover necessary when my current provider has serviced the system every year?

Having a system serviced annually or six monthly (if applicable) not only provides you with the

peace of mind that everything is working as intended it can also be a requirement of some building insurance policies.

We want to ensure the previous maintainer has been servicing the system correctly. Customers that come to us are usually unhappy with the current provider, so we want to ensure we’re not taking on something that doesn’t work as intended. It is also a good time to change any codes at this point too. Maybe you’ve inherited the system, and the previous owner still has the current code, or over time you have shared a code with a tradesman etc. We will also change the engineering code on the system so we can access the advanced programming menus as long as this is possible. (See last question)

Will you service my system at the same time as the takeover?

Yes, the engineer will email a full maintenance report upon completing the work.

Why do Oxford Alarm Company LTD need to replace my external alarm sounder?

As per BS EN 50131-4:2019 (Alarm systems – Intrusion and hold-up systems Part 4: Warning

devices) (section 5.1.3 Timing) clearly states, “The maximum time for which an audible warning device shall sound continuously is 15 min.” By upgrading the external alarm sounder, we not only fulfil the necessary criteria but also adhere to local council requirements, which mandate that alarm owners have an external sounder with a cut-off feature to avoid creating noise pollution due to frequent false alarms.

Furthermore, this update makes it difficult for an intruder to gauge the age of the existing system as they would only see a modern external alarm sounder. It’s worth noting that external alarm sounders contain a non-serviceable backup battery that gradually loses its effectiveness over time.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, there is, when acquiring a system maintained by another company, they may have secured the panel by locking it’s Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). Without the previous company’s engineering code, attempting to unlock the panel and gain engineer-level access could erase all programming. It may not necessarily reset the engineering code, leaving the alarm system inoperable.

Although this situation is only sometimes applicable, we must inform our customers of this possibility before beginning any work to avoid uncomfortable discussions during the takeover process. To address this issue, we can replace only the control panel if the system is not outdated or replace both the control panel and keypad if the system is obsolete. We offer these services at a discounted rate, understanding that this may be an unforeseen expense for our clients.

House Alarm

As somebody who knows next to nothing about alarms, I originally spoke with Ben 4 months ago when I had the choice of getting wiring done for a hard-wired alarm (at a considerable cost) by an electrician. At the time I was just so impressed by the amount of time Ben took to explain the options to me and his breadth of knowledge that it convinced me to go with a wireless system.

Fast forward 4 months and today Ben came out and installed our wireless alarm which works fantastically – he also stayed till gone 6.30pm to make sure we understood all of the settings and answered any questions that we had.

I would happily recommend The Oxford Alarm Company and would give 11/10 if at all possible?

Tom Hennell

Home Security System

Great service, Ben was able to answer every question I could think of for our home CCTV and alarm system. Always checked we were happy as the job went on. I would highly recommend these guys to everyone.

Iain Phillips

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Our mission at Oxford Alarm Company LTD is to provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable security solutions. We strive to create a safe and secure environment for our clients by utilising cutting-edge technology, highly trained professionals, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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We believe every client deserves the highest level of security and protection, and we work tirelessly to ensure they receive it.

At Oxford Alarm Company LTD, we understand that security is not just about protecting assets but also about ensuring the safety and well-being of people.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our clients, their employees, and their customers.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all of our business dealings.

Our team of experts is always ready to respond to any security challenges that may arise. We work closely with our clients to ensure their security needs are met with efficiency and effectiveness.

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