During the process of an enquiry for a Service Contract for a client, we found that it was stipulated that all servicing and maintenance was carried out and compliant with SFG20. This was the 1st time that we had seen a specific schedule and had to investigate as to what the requirements were as generally most tenders only highlight the works being carried out to a specific Standard or Regulation.

SFG20 is a comprehensive list of schedules backed up by a software application where you can automatically set up all planned maintenance on everything within a building. The schedules are set up so that you can easily differentiate between statutory, mandatory, function-critical and compliance by using a colour coded reference for each part of the schedule. They also reference the Regulations and Standards for the specific type of equipment to ensure any maintenance and testing set out within those is also included in SFG20.

It is important that any Building or Facilities Manager has a planned maintenance strategy to be able to keep their assets and equipment in the best possible condition. This reduces the likelihood of expensive breakdowns and repairs, while also giving you greater oversight of their budget, enabling them to stay compliant – saving time, energy and money. The schedules are automatically kept up to date from any legislation or regulation changes whilst subscribing to the system.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) of intruder alarms, cctv and access control systems in commercial buildings is essential and part of formal legislation for health and safety. Depending on the type of system there are differing maintenance and safety checks that need to be carried out relevant to also comply with your building insurance

We at Oxford Alarm Ltd are subscribers ourselves to ensure that all of our servicing schedules within our Service Contract Agreements incorporate SFG20 to ensure your compliance. If you are using SFG20, then contact us to ensure that your systems are kept operational, complaint and safe within your building.